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Our Company

Emerald Coast Golf Carts is located on North Palafox Street in Pensacola, just a few minutes off Interstate 10 and south of 9 Mile Road. We are the Golf Cart Paradise of Northwest Florida.
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Golf carts live incredibly active and adventurous lives beyond the golf course. Over the years, golf carts have become a common addition to a family’s home or property, for business operations, and the service industry.  Emerald Coast Golf Carts welcomes event planners, business owners, and nonprofits to shop with us. No two golf carts have to be exactly the same. You have a vision in mind for the life and purpose of your golf cart, and we can make that vision a reality. We can custom build your golf cart to fit your exact needs. We can even paint it your favorite color.​

What makes us most excited about our job is the service we offer. Not only can create your dream golf cart or get it fitted for your business’s needs, but we can also support you long after the end of the transaction. Golf carts need care and maintenance; it just comes with owning one, but we’re here to offer our services throughout the life of your golf cart. We can even repair the one you already own.


While we’re based in Pensacola, we serve a massive radius in Northwest Florida and lower Alabama. Our business extends service to the communities of Pensacola, Milton, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Orange Beach and Gulf Shores to the west.

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