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Golf Cart Financing

Before purchasing a golf cart, we must factor in your budget and needs to find the best solution for you. Once you’ve narrowed down how you plan on using your golf cart and what features you would like customized, we can determine what price range is appropriate for you.

Some customers choose to save up for their dream golf cart and already have a budget in mind. Others may visit their home bank to discuss personal loan or credit options to purchase their golf cart.

Financing a gold cart is not the same as financing a car. Loans or lines of credit might fall under the personal-use or business category because golf carts are recreational or commercial in purpose. Only street legal carts with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) need to be registered at the DMV, just as you would with any street legal LSV (low speed vehicle).

If you are just beginning the shopping process of buying a golf cart, whether it be for personal use or a business purchase, feel free to give us a call and get an estimate. We are happy to discuss how your needs and budget can fit together.



Third-Party Financing

 If you already have a budget in mind for your golf cart, that’s fantastic news! But, for those who still need help on costs, are concerned about their credit, and may not have as many options, we can refer another financing option to you.

Financing with Gulf Winds Credit Union:


We are partnered with Financial Services Representatives at Gulf Winds Credit Union.  Gulf Winds Credit Union is located close to our store and you can get to 220 East Nine Mile Road quickly!  This is a great company for anybody needing financing on a cart.  They can set you up with a loan on the telephone with you from our shop or you can visit them in person to close the deal whether you are  purchasing a used or new cart.


Financing with OneMain Financial:


We are excited to announce our partnership with OneMain Financial. We want to help empower our customers in every step of the process, which is why we have teamed up with OneMain Financial to serve those who need assistance in purchasing their new golf cart.

We have the convenience of a  local OneMain office located at 6235 N Davis Highway, Suite 103.


OneMain Financial is a great option for anyone who needs same day loans for any purchase, including your new golf cart.  Many customers choose to get an invoice from us for the total amount out the door after tax and take it into the One Main office to get precise financing.

The nearest office is a less than 10-minute drive from our lot, which is great for our customers who like to get things done right then and there. We’ll print out your invoice for you to bring over to the OneMain office. One great advantage about OneMain is that they typically do same-day decisions, and upon approval, can provide you with the funds to purchase your golf cart the very same day.

We find that many customers prefer face-to-face interaction when speaking to a loan specialist, which is one of the reasons we partnered with our local OneMain branch.

Can’t make it into one of their offices or prefer to do it over the phone? You can call our local OneMain branch or whichever office is closest to you! This is a great option for customers who are making their purchase from out of town.

Bottom line, if you need special financing to get that golf cart out of your dreams and into your garage, any branch of OneMain Financial can help you with a loan.

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