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Cart Too Tall?

It's always exciting purchasing something new! Imagine go shopping and find the PERFECT golf cart! As soon as you pick it out, pay for it and bring it home, your heart races - you are ready to get home to show it off!

As soon as you get it off the trailer and your test run completed, you drive it into your garage. Suddenly you feel your cart slow and hear a scrape. Your heart sinks...a pit develops in your stomach. The excited feeling is now gone. What happened?

Your cart is a couple inches too tall for your garage. This is a problem we have seen before. But have no fear! We can help!!!

Contact us! We are able to lower the roof of your cart to the appropriate height to fit in your garage. We have created a system for garage heights and can lower a roof so it is even and will fit in your garage with no problem!

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