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Oh, RATS...

Are you having problems with your cart? Does it seem to be a problem caused by an electrical issue? There are several things to check, but remember that it might not always be a battery or a charger that is causing your problem. It could be two different items combined into one: wires and rats. There's just no way around it. Whether you store a cart or have it sitting for any specific amount of time, rats can find their way straight to your wires.

Rodents can have a bountiful feast in your cart! Why? The insulation used around the wires is organic. And that's a good thing, right? Organic. What can go wrong with organic? Well, unfortunately lots. That means rodents will get their fill on soy-based materials along with rice, husks, wood, peanut oil, corn and other sugars. Not only do rodents seek out a nice place to nest, but they now have a great place with food available. This 'greener' wiring is causing major concerns among anybody with a vehicle - from a golf cart to personal vehicles to farm equipment.

If you are having problems with rodents and wiring, let us know! We carry deterrents to help prevent wire damage from sprays being applied directly to the wires to a boundary that goes around your cart. Give us a call and we can help you today!

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