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What is Considered "Street Legal"?

In the state of Florida, to be considered street legal, it must have headlamps, turn signals (front and rear), tail lights, red reflectors, an exterior mirror on the driver's side and an interior or exterior mirror on the passenger side (to have a similar visibility as a car), parking rakes, a windshield, and a seatbelt for each seat (if your cart can seat six, you need six seatbelts), and a vehicle identification number (VIN).

Once your golf cart meets all of these requirements, you must register your golf cart to officially make it street legal. You will also need to insure it. It is best to get your local guidelines and laws for owning and operating a golf cart as it can vary from state to state, county to county, and city to city. Many beach towns and communities accommodate the liberal use of a golf cart, but being aware and knowing what you can and cannot do will save you and your family a lot of headache.

Some of these laws and restrictions can see tedious, but in reality, they are there for your safety. Even though a golf cart or a low speed vehicle (LSV) isn't necessarily a car, it's best to act the same as if you are driving one. You wouldn't let a small child drive your car and you wouldn't want someone behind the wheel if they have alcohol in their system.

Golf carts can be really practical and also really fun, but they can lead to legal trouble or serious injury if they are not handled properly.

So have fun, be smart, be responsible, and enjoy your fun new toy! The grandkids can have their turn later. Much later!

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