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Battery Information

Batteries!  They are needed to make your golf cart go...and it is one of the most common questioned topics Emerald Coast Golf Carts receives.  Hopefully this quick rundown helps answer some questions you may have regarding your golf cart batteries!

1)  What kind of golf cart batteries do you carry?  We are an authorized Trojan Battery Company.  The most common batteries requested are 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt batteries.  These are available as Trojan Red Box and also in an alternative more cost effective option as Powertron.  You can view the different information sheets below to read more details about the different batteries we offer.

2)  What does battery maintenance consist of?  There are several different things that can extend the life of your batteries. 


     a)  Proper Water Levels (if this is your concern, consider getting a battery watering kit installed!)

     b)  Battery Terminal Maintenance

     c)  Checking All Battery Cables

     d)  Store in "Tow Mode"

3)  What is the age of my batteries?  A common question we get is people asking what the age of their batteries.  If the month and year are not on a sticker on the battery, you can take a look at the stamp on the post.  The letter indicates and month (A=Jan, B=Feb, C=Mar, etc.) and the number indicates the year.  For example H2 would indicate August of 2012 or C9 would indicate March of 2019, etc.

If you have any questions about your batteries or would like assistance, you can always contact Emerald Coast Golf Carts to answer any questions or address any concerns you have!

Trojan Battery Resources

Emerald Coast Golf Carts is an Authorized Trojan Battery Dealer. 

Click on any document for more information:

1)  Trojan Battery Golf and Electric Vehicles Brochure

2)  Read about the Trojan Advantage

3)  Trojan Product Specification Guide

Below are the most common golf cart batteries and accessories requested:

T-105 6V Trojan Battery (Data Sheet)

T-875 8V Trojan Battery (Data Sheet)

T-1275 12V Trojan Battery (Data Sheet)

Hydrolink Watering System (Information)

Powertron P2000 Battery (Information)

Powertron P8000 Battery (Information)

Powertron P12000 Battery (Information)

T-105 Low-res.jpg
T-875 Low-res.jpg
T-1275 Low-res.jpg
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