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Family-Friendly and Commercial Ready

The best time to start shopping for your golf cart is as soon as possible. Most of our customers add custom features to their base cart, such as a rear seat, paint color, sound systems, lifts, and tires. It’s typical to expect about 2 to 2 ½ months for custom work.

The time frame of selecting and customizing your golf cart is essential to consider, especially if this is a gift for someone. The personal favorite peak times for riding around on your new toy is Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and even Halloween! If you’re picturing yourself posing for a family photo or company event sitting in your customized golf cart, the sooner you give us the call, the quicker that vision will become a reality.

We welcome customers from churches, hotels, apartment complexes, campuses, and all of those in need of recreational transport.


Buying Your Golf Cart

The first thing to consider when shopping for a golf cart is how you will be using it. It may seem obvious that a golf cart is used for an afternoon working on your short game, but golf carts serve many purposes beyond the green!

You can spot a golf cart driving around a college or commercial campus, shuttling patrons at an event from the parking lot to a venue, or as a new addition to a beach house or property. Golf carts can be suited for off-roading or cruising paved streets.

Knowing exactly how you want to use your new golf cart will help you in the decision-making process. If you have a vision for the use of your golf cart, but you’re not entirely sure how to make that dream a reality, we can help you with the options and features you may need.

It’s also important to think about opting for an electric cart versus gas-fuel. There are advantages for gas-fueled carts, such as a longer riding range with no downtime for charging a battery. Carrying extra fuel on your cart is also a plus. However, gas is not the most environmentally friendly option and can be significantly noisier than electric.

If you’re an event planner or you’re shopping for a small fleet to add to your church activities, guests on your carts probably won’t want to smell like gasoline in their Sunday best or attending a day-long event. This noise, smell, and environmental pollution is something you’ll want to consider when choosing between gas and electric.

An electric cart is cheaper to charge up than using gas fuel and less maintenance although they do require charging time. Electric golf carts come with 6 to 8 batteries which need to be checked once a month, especially in the summer.


The ongoing care and maintenance of an electric golf cart is much more affordable in the long run. And when you buy from us, we offer special discounts to return customers for repairs and services! Whatever your golf cart needs, we are here to help.


Street Ready Package

Ask for our street ready package if you are planning on using your golf cart in a residential or community setting. Street legal carts must include: headlamps, front and rear turn signals, taillamps, red reflex reflectors, exterior mirror on the driver side as well as an interior/exterior mirror on the passenger side, parking brake, windshield, a seatbelt for each designated seat, and a VIN.

With our customization services, we can build your cart to be street legal so all you will need to do is register your new cart when you take it home!

Our Inventory

We receive most of our inventory fresh off of the golf course at the end of their lease—bag on the back and all!

The advantage in acquiring a base cart fresh off the course is that it keeps costs low and opens up options for customization and upgrades for customers.

The comparative cost of a brand new, current year golf cart to one coming off a golf course lease is substantial. By saving on the cost of a used, base cart, you have the financial freedom to trick out your new cart.

Our new arrivals in our inventory can turn over fairly quick, but if you give us a call or stop by our lot, we can reserve the one you’ve got your eye on.

A golf cart fleet is a perfect addition to any hotel, restaurant, or business on the beach. If your company does not have a technician on staff who can service your golf cart fleet or any commercial transport, give us a call. We partner with companies in the service industry to conduct an ongoing maintenance history.


Customers can tow their purchase or rental of a golf cart on a flat-bed trailer. If you are unable to tow your cart off the lot, we do have delivery options available.

We have delivered carts everywhere from Orange Beach to Milton to Pensacola Beach. We also offer pickup and delivery for repairs!

Currently, we offer free delivery for local customers only.

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